• Status Studios is a local digital recording studio based out of Dewey, Arizona. Serving all of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Phoenix and quad city areas.

    Status Studios is owned and operated by Shawn Morrow and can record your project of any genre including: Hiphop, rap, rock, metal, death metal, black metal, hardcore, grindcore, punk, country, jazz, blues, voice overs, karaoke, alternative, soundscapes, scores, kids projects or learning instruments etc. Demos, full length albums, single tracks etc.

    Shawn approaches recording from a musicians perspective and focuses on a fun, dynamic, memorable experience. The Studio uses a full Digital Pro Tools system which is the industry standard for audio recording and production. The Studios goal is to support local music, bands, artists, schools, and to provide professional results. Contact Shawn at statusrecording@gmail.com for any questions, concerns, information, comments, studio time, etc.

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